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About Windaroo Veterinary Surgery Animal Hospital


Our Values






Our Purpose

Is to foster and sustain the optimal quality of life.



Our Vision

Is to be the leader in veterinary care and aspire to achieve the best patient and client outcomes.



Our family owned and operated veterinary surgery has been providing a valuable service to the local Logan community and their beloved pets for over seven years. Since 2008, owners Lisa Trickett (Roberts) and husband Dave Trickett have been leading a professional team who strive to provide you - our valued clients - with knowledgeable diagnosis' and up to date and practical treatment options.


Our team of qualified veterinarians and support staff aim to provide a personalised service and compassionate pet care to all patients who visit our surgery. Our unique point of difference is that we are a small enough practice to be able to arrange appointments to see your preferred veterinarian each time you visit.


We wholeheartedly encourage responsible and safe pet ownership!



We try to keep our schedule running promptly to time and would appreciate notice of any cancellations or postponements well ahead of time. We also trust you understand that sometimes there are unforeseen emergencies to other's pets which may take precedence.


Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Small animal diagnosis and treatment
  • Dermatology (skin) and Otology (ears) problems
  • Exotic animals, including reptiles and birds
  • Specialised surgeries and routine procedures
  • Dentistry and complicated extractions

Client and Pet Programs

  • Puppy Socialisation Classes - Tuesday nights - Read more

After Hours Emergencies

  • Our veterinarians are available from 7am to 10pm daily
  • For all genuine emergencies, please call the surgery on 3807 3699 
  • If unanswered, please leave your return phone number and our vet on duty will respond


Are you an exotic animal lover?

Did you know that one of our veterinarians has an interest in ‘exotic’ pets, such as reptiles and birds?

As people live busier lives and may live in smaller houses or apartments, there has been an increase in the number of people keeping exotics as they generally don’t require as much time to maintain and don’t require large amounts of space.

Generally one of the biggest causes of health problems in exotic pets is inadequate or inappropriate husbandry. When keeping reptiles, it is vital that they are in an appropriate sized enclosure with the correct heating gradient, humidity and diet.

A key point with exotic pets is that they generally only show signs of sickness when they are critically ill - so it is vitally important that you know what is ‘normal’ for them and contact us as early as possible if you notice any abnormalities, even slight changes in appetite or activity levels.

Pictures by: Dr Laura Coughran BVSc


Our Surgery Location

1 Janine Drive
Bahrs Scrub, Queensland 4207