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Operation Wanted: The Desexing Upgrade

Don't delay this Winter 2017

Do you have a cat or dog that is not yet desexed?

Did you know that some pets, especially cats, can reach sexual maturity and reproduce from just 4 to 6 months of age?

The RSPCA is currently running a program called Operation Wanted which encourages the desexing of dogs and cats between the 1st June to 31st August, 2017. During this period, if you register your pet online first, you will recive a 20% discount when you get your pet desexed. 

Why desex your pet?

Desexing brings numerous helath and behavioural benefits to your pet such as removing the risk of accidental and unwanted litters, plus reduces the desire to roam, risk of some cancers, reduces aggressive behaviours in dogs and behaviours such as urine spraying in cats.

Please call us today to make an appointment and take full advantage of the Operation Wanted program!

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