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Cymry manages immune mediated haemolytic anaemia

Brave Pet of the Month

Cymry is a 10 year old male Corgi, who had previously always been happy and healthy. He came to visist us as he wasn’t his usual self and hadn’t been eating as well as usual. Being a typical Corgi, he usually loves his food!

On examination, we found that he had a fever and his lymph nodes were enlarged, so blood tests were performed and he was started on antibiotics. His blood tests showed that he was anaemic, but his bone marrow was responding strongly and was rapidly producing new red blood cells.

On examination of a blood smear we found spherocytes, schistocytes and reticulocytes (different types of red blood cells) which suggested that something was destroying the red blood cells. At this stage we suspected that Cymry's immune system had started to destroy his body’s own red blood cells, which is called immune mediated haemolytic anaemia.

Cymry was started on medication to suppress this immune system reaction, and we performed repeat blood tests so we could monitor his response to treatment. Fortunately he responded very well to treatment, and over time he was weaned off the medication.

Cymry has now been off medication for a number of months and fortunately he is still doing very well, with no recurrence of the red blood cell destruction. Cymry as always has been very well behaved throughout his ordeal and we are glad to see him back on his feet and healthy again.

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