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Dragon's success surgery

Dragon is a yellow phase five year old female Central Bearded dragon. There are other types of Bearded Dragon, however Central Bearded Dragons generally make better pets as they have personalities better suited to captivity, and they are also available in different colour forms.

Dragon came to us because her owners had noticed that her toes looked abnormal and her foot started to become discoloured. Prior to this they had seen blood on her foot and on their other pet Beardie.

When she came in, we quickly determined that the foot had become necrotic. We suspect this is due to a bite from the other lizard in the enclosure, which traumatized the tissue and damaged its blood supply.

Unfortunately for Dragon, it was too late to save her foot and toes and they required amputation. Dragon had surgery to remove her foot, and the remaining stump will need to have stitches and a bandage for 4-6 weeks as reptile skin heals very slowly.

Limb and tail injuries are common in Bearded Dragons that are housed together, as they sometimes think the wriggling toes of another lizard is food. They may also have territorial and dominance disputes which can also lead to injuries which is why it is generally safer to keep Bearded Dragons in separate enclosures.

Fortunately for Dragon, once her sutures are removed she is likely to lead a long and healthy life. She will be able to use the stump to help her get around and Bearded Dragons can adapt and cope quite well on three legs. 

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