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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tyson learns to walk again

Tyson is a 6 year old Jack Russell cross who came to the Windaroo Veterinary Surgery when his owners found he was unable to use his back legs. When Dr Laura examined Tyson, he was unable to move his hind legs at all and appeared to be completely paralysed in his back end. Dr Laura was suspicious that a cartilage disc may have slipped in his back, causing discomfort and the paralysis. X-rays were taken that showed a very subtle narrowing between two parts of his spine. After his sedation and x-rays he gradually deteriorated, becoming even more painful and uncomfortable.

Tyson was medicated with steroids to reduce inflammation, antibiotics in case the cause was infectious, stomach protectants and muscle relaxants. He stayed in hospital for 4 days, and fortunately on the third day he actually started to stand on his own. On the fourth day he could walk, though he still has some difficulty knowing where his back feet were!

One month after his problems started, Tyson was able to walk with just a slight weakness in his hind legs, but there was a significant improvement and he was doing much better! Tyson has been very well behaved throughout his treatment, and he is lucky that his owners noticed the problem and brought him straight in- many cases with spinal problems do not respond well to medical management, and treatment needs to be started as soon as possible to maximise the chance of improvement.

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