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Friday, September 08, 2017

Do you know how heartworm is transmitted?

The transfer process of heartworm begins when a mosquito bites and feeds off an infected dog or cat. This mosquito picks up the juvenile stage of the heartworm in the blood, which are then transmitted to a new host when that mosquito bites an uninfected animal. It then takes approximately 6 months for the heartworm to mature in the blood vessels in the heart, where they can then reproduce and contribute to the environmental problem.

There are many options available nowadays to prevent heartworm infestation in dogs, including monthly treatments, or a yearly injection. The advantage of the yearly injection is that you know your pet is covered, and you can’t accidently be late with a treatment, or forget to dose your pet. Via our reminder system, we will remind you when your pet is due for their yearly heartworm injection. The heartworm injection can also be synchronised with your pets vaccination regime, to save you an extra trip to the vets!

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