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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bosco's altercation with another dog

Bosco is an 8 year old male Dachshund who was taken to the Animal Emergency Services one morning, when he was attacked by another dog whilst going out for a walk with his owner. After he was stabilized at Animal Emergency Services, he was then transferred into Dr. Laura’s care. Poor Bosco had some terrible wounds, and we were quick to ensure he had adequate pain relief to keep him as comfortable as possible. We quickly determined that Bosco would require x-rays to rule out rib fractures and lung involvement. He also required a lengthy surgical procedure to clip, clean and treat his wounds.


Whilst in surgery, we  realized the extent of the damage done to Bosco. Poor Bosco had to have multiple drains placed to allow contaminated fluid to exit from the wounds. A few days after surgery, some of the wounds broke down, leaving large defects. It was determined that the best course of treatment would now be to manage the wounds whilst they were left open. Bosco has been doing very well and his wounds are healing up nicely. He will have some physical scars, however we hope he will still be accepting of meeting other dogs after his ordeal. Bosco has been the perfect patient, taking his treatment in his stride.


Today little Bosco came in for his final wound check, and this brave little fellow wasn’t fearful of the other dogs, which is great! 


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