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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dental month!

Chances are, if your pet has bad breath he could be much happier after having his or her teeth cleaned. Tooth and gum disease can be painful. Signs include smelly breath, drooling, rubbing the face or not wanting to eat hard foods.

If your vet has mentioned your pet needs a dental procedure, now is the time to take advantage of our special March pricing. During the month of March, we are offering 30% off all dental procedures; this includes free dental checks, and 30% off extractions and the scale and polish procedure. Also go into the draw to win a dental care package!

Here at the Windaroo Veterinary Surgery Animal Hospital, we use state of the art dental equipment to make the procedure as smooth as possible. If you have concerns about your pet being too old, let us reassure you, we will perform a medical check and have available blood testing, intravenous fluids, excellent anaesthesia facilities and trained veterinarians and nurses to put your worries at ease.

Book early: Call (07) 3807 3699 to book your free dental check, or dental procedure


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