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Dental Checks, Prevention and Treatment 

Imagine how you would feel if you never brushed your teeth, or if you chipped one of your teeth and you couldn’t tell anyone!

Our pets can suffer from dental disease just like us, and though they don’t get cavities like we do, they can still break teeth and get tartar build up which can cause significant problems.  

When pets eat, small particles of food stick to the teeth, and bacteria (plaque) accumulate and use it as a food source. As calcium is deposited, plaque turns to tartar which is yellow or brown in colour, and very hard. Without treatment, the plaque and tartar leads to periodontal disease, damaging the surrounding tissue and structures which support the teeth.

Signs you may notice if your pet has dental disease may include:

  • Bad breath
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Difficulty eating
  • Red gums
  • Excessive drooling
  • Pawing at the mouth

The Windaroo Veterinary Surgery has a state of the art iM3 dental machine which works in a similar way to human dental machines. This allows our veterinarians to gently and thoroughly clean and polish your pets teeth. If you pet requires dental extractions, this machine means it is safer and quicker to remove large teeth, reducing your pets time under general anaesthesia.  

Often we are asked to provide quotes on dental procedures over the phone. Unfortunately this is not possible without an examination of your pet, because we need to determine whether it is a routine clean, or if they need to have any teeth extracted. The simplest procedure is a scale and polish under general anaesthesia- unfortunately our patients won’t just sit still like you would in the chair at the dentist! When teeth are extracted, your pet will also require post-operative pain relief and possibly antibiotics.  

Pets are living longer, so we need to make sure we care for their teeth! Our friendly veterinarians and nurses can discuss dental care and dental disease prevention with you in the surgery.

Please phone 3807 3699 for a consultation with one of our veterinarians

Or to book a FREE dental consultation!