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Dental Care

Windaroo Animal Hospital advocates gold standard dental care in our patients. With 80% of dogs and cats experiencing dental disease from the age of 3, good dental care is an essential part of your pet's wellbeing. 

So, what is dental disease?

Dental disease begins when bacteria in the mouth sticks to the tooth surface and forms plaque. The plaque then mineralises into tartar (calculus). Over time, as the tartar builds up the bacteria can infect the gums (gingivitis) and the roots of the teeth, causing decay. The bacteria can also then spread through the bloodstream to vital organs such as the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and brain. Consequently, damage to these organs can shorten the lifespan of our pets and cause irreversible disease.

It is important to note that most pet's will not show you that their teeth are causing them pain. Signs to look for include: red gums, smelly breath, discolouration of the teeth, not eating, pawing at mouth, dropping food or bleeding from the mouth.

We are often asked to provide estimations for dental procedures. Unfortunately, due to the variation of dental disease, an examination of your pet is required to do so. To support pet parents and encourage dental health, we offer year round FREE dental checks. These can be booked online or via the phone with one of our nurses. 


What is included in our dental care package?

  • Physical examination before the procedure

  • Pre-anaesthetic blood testing

  • Tailored premedication and general anaesthetic

  • Hospitalisation – with heated cages for recovery

  • Continuous anaesthetic and recovery monitoring by our vet nurses

  • Intravenous fluids to support blood pressure and allow a smooth recovery

  • Full mouth assessment including dental probing

  • Before and after photographs

  • Dental x-rays

  • Dental charting stored on file

  • 7 day post op check 

  • 6 month follow up check

  • Professional dental clean by a qualified vet with an iM3 ultrasonic scaling and prophy machine

  • Complimentary nail trim and ear check

  • Lots of love and cuddles


Why is anaesthesia essential for pet dentistry?

We’d love to be able to say “arghhh” and have your pet open their mouth for their dental clean, but this unfortunately isn’t possible.

At Windaroo Animal Hospital, we use anaesthesia as a tool to help us identify and treat dental disease in your pet. It allows a thorough examination of your pet’s mouth, including probing and dental xrays (remember, 60% of the tooth is under the gum, and no one can see what is happening here!).

The reasons we don’t believe in anaesthesia-free dentistry include:

  1. Anaesthesia-free dentistry has been shown to negatively impact the welfare and psychological behaviour of the patient. Our pets simply don’t tolerate a conscious ultrasonic clean.
  2. Our pets are often wiggly – even the slightest movement when cleaning the teeth can cause damage to the surrounding oral tissues.
  3. Studies have found that with anaesthesia-free dentals, the pathology or disease under the gum line is not treated (so really an anaesthesia-free dental is purely cosmetic!). This can mask serious dental disease and lead to long term complications.
  4. It is simply not possible to perform a thorough dental examination and clean without an anaesthetic.
  5. Veterinarians are trained to provide a comprehensive oral exam and understand the disease process and what it means for your pet. We have the tools and skills to provide a safe, professional dental service.
  6. Your pet will end up needing a proper dental anyway, costing you more!

If you would like further information, please discuss with our vets. Or visit the Australian Veterinary Associations website (


Why does we perform dental xrays?

About 30% of “normal” teeth have some pathology below the gum line that we can’t see. Dental xrays allow us to assess all of the tooth, right down to the root. Windaroo Animal Hospital believes that dental xrays should be a standard part of our dental care program, as it is with people.


Grade 1 Dental Smile Rejuvenation

To promote healthy teeth in pets, Windaroo Animal Hospital offers a Smile Rejuvenation package. If your pet is given a Grade 1 dental score, they are eligible for this. A grade 1 dental involves a general anaesthetic to clean the teeth and complimentary mani-pedi. Call to book in your Grade 1 dental, and see the difference. 



Dental Before & After Photos