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Pets can unfortunately escape from your home and potentially get into all sorts of trouble. There are a number of ways to identify our pets and help them find their way home, such as name tags on their collars, however these can sometimes fall off!

A permanent way of identifying your pet and ensuring they can be returned home to you is to have them microchipped, and it is now a legal requirement that all dogs and cats be microchipped before they are rehomed, even if they are given away for free.

If you’re unsure whether your pet is microchipped, we can scan them at the Windaroo Veterinary Surgery to find their individual number. Another important thing to remember is to ensure you keep the details linked to the microchip up to date- we frequently have strays brought to the surgery only to find the owners have moved and we cannot contact them!

Please phone 3807 3699 for a consultation with one of our veterinarians