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Pet Supplies

Did you know that we stock a range of pet supplies, and if we don’t stock something you are looking for, our friendly staff can generally order it in for you. Our normal range of stock includes parasite prevention, pet treats, dog coats, collars and leads, muzzles, BARF raw foods, chicken and turkey necks, dog and cat food, supplements and dental care supplies.

We maintain a wide range of preventatives for your pets, to keep them healthy and parasite free. These include spot on and tablets for intestinal worms, fleas, heartworm and ticks. If you are unsure what is the best option for you and your pets, please ask any of our friendly staff and we can discuss the available options.

The pet treat range includes an assortment of treats, such as dried liver which is very helpful for training dogs, and Greenies to encourage chewing and clean teeth. We also stock some natural chewy foods including pig ears, kangaroo tendons, bully sticks and dried chicken necks.

Windaroo Animal Hospital stocks a range of collars, and muzzles. The main brand we stock are Rogz collars and leads.

We have a large display freezer in the reception of the surgery with an assortment of BARF (‘Bones and raw food” or “biologically appropriate raw food) for both dogs and cats. We also stock 1kg bags of turkey and chicken necks, which most dogs love, and they help to keep their teeth clean as they chew!

We keep a large range of Hills and Royal Canin wet and dry foods in stock, which are tailored to suit virtually every pets needs. From puppy and kitten foods, to neutered adult foods designed to maintain a stable bodyweight, to veterinary prescription diets for medical problems such as kidney disease and pancreatitis. There are many advantages of feeding a super premium food, including the correct balanced nutrition specific for life stages, the foods are more digestible, and generally their faeces are better formed so easier to clean up! Most of the food we keep in stock is veterinary line only, so you cannot purchase it at pet stores for example. If you are unsure which food is best suited to your pet, we can discuss their needs and explain your options.

In the reception area we also stock a range of supplies designed to maintain your pets dental hygiene, including tooth brushes, tooth paste, mouth rinses, dental chews and specially designed dental diets. It’s important to keep their teeth clean and healthy too!

Please phone 3807 3699 for a consultation with one of our veterinarians