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Surgeries and Procedures

The Windaroo Veterinary Surgery can perform an extensive range of surgeries, including soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries. We also have access to a specialist surgeons who comes to our practice to offer procedures which would normally require a referral.

We pride ourselves on safe and modern drugs and techniques. Our anaesthetic equipment is made by AAS especially for the Veterinary profession and enables us to safely anaesthetise the largest dog down to a bird, rat or mouse!

Most of the surgeries we perform are of the soft tissues of the body, including but not limited to desexing, exploratory abdominal surgery, lump removals, wound repairs, caesareans and removal of gastrointestinal foreign bodies. Orthopaedic surgeries involve bones, such as cruciate ligament repairs, luxating patella surgeries, limb amputations and fracture repairs.

Except for desexing surgery, we generally cannot provide estimates over the phone for most surgical procedures as you will require a consultation with one of our veterinarians first. This is so we can examine your pet to establish whether they are healthy, determine the exact nature of the problem and the procedure required, and to discuss all of the options available to you, to ensure the entire experience is as safe and stress free for both of you!

Please phone 3807 3699 for a consultation with one of our veterinarians